Misha Collins: Gotham Knights’ Series Finale Satisfied Because EPs ‘Knew’ Early On Odds Were Against Us

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The following contains spoilers from Tuesday’s series finale of Gotham Knights.

Disappointed at the abrupt cancellation of Gotham Knights? Star Misha Collins is with you.

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In an interview with our sister site Deadline, Collins revealed that “lots of conversations” about a prospective Season 2 had been conducted, and that the CW series was only just getting started when news of its impending end dropped two weeks ago.

“As the series winds up, we’re really just getting introduced to the Two-Face character,” said Collins, “and it would have been rich and rewarding to have explored him devolving down the road and the inevitable fights to bring Harvey back, which would, of course, have involved a tremendous amount of inner turmoil.”

Thankfully, showrunners were able to prepare well enough from the beginning of production to ensure they wouldn’t leave viewers totally hanging in the wake of a worst-case scenario: cancellation.

“I have to say, as it plays, this season ties up so many of the story arcs on the show with a bow so neatly that it almost works as a one-season miniseries,” the actor said. “I’m glad that we’re not leaving the audience hanging… it feels like a very nicely encapsulated chapter and an OK stopping point. Yet, I felt like this the show was really getting cooking, and I would have loved to have had more time with it. I loved working with this cast. I loved working with these producers and writers. It was a very fun, fertile, creative playground. And I’m gonna miss all of that.”

He continued: “When we were shooting the pilot, they knew that the deck was stacking against it for a Season 2. So that factored into the decision, I think, not to make this a pure cliffhanger, because it would be really unsatisfying for everyone involved if at least the season’s main arcs weren’t resolved.”

The series finale (read our recap here) did deliver a healthy amount of closure, as the Knights vanquished Court of Owls leader Rebecca (and in doing so saved thousands of lives) and were absolved of the crimes they were accused of. The biggest cliffhangers were Harvey’s aforementioned transformation (will Duela ever be able to bring the good Harvey back?) and Turner being presumed dead, but actually winding up in France, where he will be trained à la Bruce Wayne and his own parents by Henri Ducard.

What did you think of Gotham Knights‘ ending? Was it satisfying enough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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