Miranda Lambert's Fans Can't Stop Commenting on Her Throwback Photo

Miranda Lambert's Fans Can't Stop Commenting on Her Throwback Photo

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Miranda Lambert's career is more than 20 years in the making, and, while she's come a long way since her third-place finish on Nashville Star, some things about the country music singer have stayed the same. Miranda showed off a throwback photo from 2005 that proves she still has the same fiery spirit today.

Miranda took to Instagram to share a photo from her time shooting the music video for "Kerosene" almost 20 years ago. A younger Miranda wears ripped jeans, a turquoise-studded belt, and white "Mama Tried"tank top. She carries a gas can and a book of matches.

She paired the photo with a present-day re-creation of the scene. In the new photo, Miranda wears a denim-on-denim look but still carries a gas can and matches in what we expect to be a scene from the video for her new song, "Wranglers." Her 2024 look comes from her Idyllwind line. She's wearing the Cannery Flared Jeans, Hairpin Trigger Boots, and Harmony Tooled Belt. For a similar look, try these flared Wranglers and denim button-down.

Fans couldn't hold back in the comments, and left messages like, "Still a firecracker then and now, love your music and style," "Still as beautiful as you were back then! I always loved the fire 🔥 and your attitude in this video," and "Some things never change 🔥"

The two songs, released almost 20 years apart, certainly have the same "woman scorned" vibe. In "Kerosene," Miranda sings:

"Forget you high society
I'm soakin' it in kerosene
Light 'em up and watch them burn
Teach them what they need to learn, ha!"

In "Wranglers," she proves she is still not a woman to be crossed with the lyrics:

"If he ever loved her, he never let it show
If she didn't need him, she'd left him long ago
She set it all on fire, and if there's one thing that she learned
Wranglers take forever to burn."

It's hard to believe we've been listening to Miranda for 20 years! We can't wait to see what's next in her career.

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