This Mini Gossip Girl Reunion Will Have You Missing the OG Series

Back together again.

If you miss the original Gossip Girl cast, we've got a moment of déjà vu for you.

In an Aug. 22 Instagram post, Aaron Schwartz (who played Vanya on the hit series) uploaded a photo sharing a mini reunion with fellow cast members including Zuzanna Szadkowski, Chace Crawford, Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick.

In a series of photos shared by Schwartz, he's seen smiling and hanging out with his former co-stars—one image even shows Schwartz and Szadkowski out for barbecue together! Szadkowski also posted a pic of the reunited gang with caption: "briefly #reunited"

The reunion happened at the Ep-ix & Chill Convention at the Omar Shrine Temple in Mount Pleasant, S.C., where stars from several TV shows were presents including Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars, One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights, and The O.C..

It's clear nostalgia is still there for the group, as fans poured in the comments expressing their excitement, with one user saying, "Carlisle with Vanya and Dorota, I'm crying."

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For fans who still need their Gossip Girl fix, some of the original cast has been featured on the new iteration of the HBO show, including Szadkowski, who played Dorota.

"I was so excited to work on the show with this extraordinary cast," Szadkowski told E! News in December 2021 regarding her appearance on the reboot. "When executive producer Josh Safran asked me to come back, I jumped at it. I've missed Dorota a lot. It was very Gossip Girl to try to keep it a secret! It was especially thrilling to be reunited with Margaret [Colin], Wallace [Shawn] and, of course, Aaron [Schwartz]—my beloved Vanya! And Dorota's kids!"

The actress also noted she was a "big fan" of the HBO iteration, saying she appreciates "that all of the original characters are out there somewhere, thriving in this world."

While we await the season two drama, catch up with the first season of the Gossip Girl reboot on HBO Max.

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