Minecraft Latest PC Update Can Delete Worlds

Minecraft PC Update Delete Worlds
Minecraft PC Update Delete Worlds

Microsoft is warning players against downloading the latest Minecraft update through the Xbox app on PC as doing so can delete worlds. The publisher has offered a workaround that players need to do before installing the update. This will help them to avoid the update error, along with the loss of all of their hard work.

How to safely install the Minecraft PC update through the Xbox app

Mojang has recommended that players run the Gaming Services Repair Tool for PC before installing the Minecraft update. By doing so, Gaming Services is updated to version 19.87.13001.0, which will avoid the error that causes the deletion of worlds according to Microsoft. To run the tool, players need to:

  1. Launch the Xbox app on PC.

  2. Click your Profile picture.

  3. Click on Support.

  4. Click on Gaming Services Repair Tool

  5. Click on Start Troubleshooting.

A warning within the game’s launcher also tells players to back up their local Minecraft: for Windows worlds. For now, update 1.20.70/71 seems to have been removed and is no longer available for download. There is no word from Mojang on when a new update will be released, but it will still be worth taking the above precautions before downloading the new update.

Unfortunately, the warning has come too late for some players. Several Reddit players have said they have lost all their saves, worlds, custom skins, and marketplace purchases. Others have complained that their villagers are no longer behaving correctly, stating that they won’t connect to workstations or that they all try to connect to the same bed.

Version 1.20.70/71 brought several changes, fixes, and experimental features to all platforms. The health of wolves has been doubled, and three upcoming 1.21 features have been added to experimental: the Bogged, Wind Charge, and Vault. The full patch notes can be seen on the game’s website.

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