Mindy Kaling Shares Rare Video of Children Katherine and Spencer From Family Trip to Boston: ‘Had the Most Fun’

A playdate to remember. Mindy Kaling shared a rare video of her children from a family trip to Massachusetts, where they enjoyed an outdoor adventure. "Had the most fun with my kids in the incredible @discoveryacton!" the Mindy Project alum, 43, wrote via Instagram on Tuesday, November 23, alongside a photo of her sitting on the arm of an oversized chair. "It’s the best indoor and outdoor play outside of Boston! The staff is so knowledgeable and kind. Please check it out with your kids, but only if you love discovery??" In her post, Kaling shared a video of daughter Katherine, 4, standing in a large swing with little brother Spencer, 2, as they were pulled up and down on the playground. The siblings also got to explore inside the Discovery Museum, where Katherine learned about gravity while Spencer played with a door covered in various locks. Kaling also included a sweet snapshot of the pair standing together as they observed an "Air Maze" designed for ping pong balls. Though the Never Have I Ever creator has shared only a few photos of her children, she has been open about how much becoming a mother has changed her life. "I have never been a kid person [before having Katherine]," Kaling confessed during a June 2018 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "When I saw, like, a 1-year-old baby, and [someone would say] 'Mindy, come meet my baby,' I'd be like 'Hello, young man,' like, shaking hands with an infant." One year later, the Office alum revealed that while there wasn't a "right time" to become a mother, she's happy she waited until she did. "I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but I would have put it off and put it off. I’m happy that it happened when it did," Kaling told Glamour in June 2019. "I would have put it off indefinitely. I’ve seen firsthand the heartbreak of women who have waited to get pregnant [and then it doesn’t happen]." She continued: “For me, my relationship with my [late] mother [Swati Roysircar] was such an integral part of my life. Thinking back on our relationship is still such a huge source of my happiness day to day, so I’m so grateful for having Katherine." In September 2021, Kaling reflected on her kids' distinct personalities while celebrating Spencer's 1st birthday. "My daughter, Kit, is pretty cautious with new people. Not this guy,” she wrote via Instagram at the time. "If you happen to make eye contact with Spencer, he lights up like you are old war buddies and he makes a beeline to you. I had Spencer during COVID, and it was a strange, isolated time, but the instant I saw him, I knew he would make everything better. And he did!” In addition to keeping her kids out of the public eye, the Massachusetts native has also declined to reveal their father, explaining that she wants to wait until the little ones are "old enough to talk about it” before revealing the details. “I’m the only parent my kids have,” Kaling told Marie Claire in August. “I think I err on the side of super cautious so that there’s less things that they can potentially be mad at me about down the line." That hasn't stopped many fans from speculating that her ex-boyfriend and best friend BJ Novak might be the father in question, but Kaling admitted that she doesn't mind all of the rumors. “It doesn’t bother me. He’s the godparent to both my kids — and they have such a great relationship," she told the outlet earlier this year. “So [the speculation hasn’t] affected my happiness at all, it hasn’t affected my kids or BJ. If that’s what is going to be titillating to people, I’ll take it." Keep scrolling to see the sweet pictures from Kaling's family outing: