Like Minded Labs And Adobe Set New TODA Live Transmitter Plug-In For Post-Production

Like Minded Labs has joined forces with Adobe for the creation of a TODA Live plug-in, enabling creators to collaborate virtually by natively sending video and audio into a TODA Live room. The technology creates a single space for directors, editors, producers, executives, and creators to collaborate in real time from anywhere in the world.

Leveraging TODA Live’s media-focused ‘Create’ feature, the tool enables real-time review of 4K assets at up to 60 Frames Per Second.

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This innovation was built off of Like Minded Entertainment’s latest film PH-1 and responds to a need from productions, post-production teams, news editors, and VFX teams to create a more seamless and accessible workflow.

“Adobe’s commitment to creating accessible and empowering tools has been essential to my growth as an artist. To have our technology integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro is the highest compliment. Premiere Pro is only the beginning of our journey to support Adobe’s creative community of users. We are looking to integrate into Adobe After Effects,, and Adobe Substance,” says Mark Kassen, the Founder and CEO of LMLabs.

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