Military vet's emotional family reunion on 'Survivor'

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It was an emotional episode of Survivor as the contestants got a visit from their loved ones. For Angela Perkins, who served in the military, being away from her family again was particularly difficult. But her daughter, Paige, knew it was what needed to be done. “Our normal was being away from each other. She served 21 years in the military,” Paige said. “So we’re such [Sic] used to being away from each other, and dealing with it and being able to put up with it and put our emotions aside and do what we need to get done in order for better outcomes, and for our future to be the best and brightest it can be.”

When Jeff Probst emphasized the fact that Angela sacrificed her family for the good of the country, that’s when she broke down into tears. Probst asked Angela, “When you hear your daughter say that, what’s the feeling? Does that hurt, or is that part of the bond?” As she wiped away tears, Angela replied, “A little bit of both, because while I’m very proud, I’m also, ya know, hurting because I’m leaving my family behind.”

While many people would say that Angela is the hero for serving her country, she feels a different way. Angela said, “It’s my family that is really the hero in all of this for me, for my story.”

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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