Miley Cyrus' Twerk Teacher Tries to Trick Celebrity Panel

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  • Miley Cyrus
    Miley Cyrus
    American singer, songwriter, and actress

On To Tell The Truth, the celebrity panelists were faced with determining which of three women were guilty of teaching Miley Cyrus the art of the twerk. Celebrity player, Craig Robinson, asked the obvious question: Can we all see them twerk? The answer turned out to be no, so Robinson tried another angle - demonstrating his own twerk moves and seeing what the women had to say about it. After it was determined he was "pretty beginner," he commented that he'd, "never been so insulted in all my life." After the twerk grilling, it was time to decide and Gabriel Iglesias decided Mama knew best so he went with number three. Host, Anthony Anderson, pointed out "she also picked my daddy, and she divorced him." It turned out the real twerk master was Ashley Adair, also known as "Amazon Ashley," the self proclaimed World's Tallest Stripper. You might know her from a Miley music video or two. But she wasn't the only twerker on the panel, and number three wanted less talk and more twerk, finishing off the show with a twerk dance.