Miley Cyrus 'Rocks The Boat' With Brody Jenner's Estranged Wife

Miley Cyrus has picked a side in Brody Jenner's split with his estranged wife, and it ain't Brody!

The "She Is Coming" singer is currently dirty dancing alongside "The Hills" star's ex, Kaitlynn Jenner, in Italy.

Miley and Kaitlynn are away in Lake Como with the singer's older sister, Brandi, for a "Girls trip," which Brody's ex says is "the only kinda trip."

The trio have made an escape overseas together following the news Kaitlynn and the notorious playboy have broken up.

And while it's awesome to see the girls together ... nothing outshines Miley Cyrus seductively rolling her hips to Aaliyah's 2001 hit, "Rock The Boat."

Miley also shared this photo, showing off her underboob in a stylish crop top.

The singer's Italian holiday fashion is on point and she's sticking to her "hot girl summer" vow.

Earlier in the day, Brandi shared this breathtaking view, showing the group riding in a helicopter over San Ciascian.

Interestingly enough, Kaitlynn has been pretty silent since their rep confirmed the split last week, but Italy changes everything!

While the girls seemed pumped for an all-female trip, it appears some males have found their way along.

Kaitlynn shared this vacation picture moments ago, writing, "noi siamo Italiani ora," which translates to "We are Italians now."

Cuddling up to Miley, Kaitlynn is clearly brushing off Brody and appears to have left the breakup drama back in the States.

Kaitlynn also teased fans with this bikini picture.

Wearing a tiny white two-piece, "The Hills" star doesn't appear to be sporting her ring ... unlike her estranged husband!

As The Blast reported, the two confirmed their split last Friday, one year after saying "I do" in Bali.

Their former co-star Spencer Pratt spilled the tea after their breakup and said their marriage was a complete sham.