Miley Cyrus desperately tries to out-country Blake Shelton on ‘The Voice’

Miley Cyrus is pulling out all the stops on The Voice this season in order to win with a country singer. She even brought in the OG mullet man, her dad, Billy Ray. So when country singers like Keisha Renee started hitting the stage, Miley started hitting her button, and selling herself as the new “Queen of Country.” After Keisha sang “I Can’t Stop Loving You” by Don Gibson, Miley attempted to prove that she’s just as country as Blake Shelton. “He’s not from Nashville. I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee,” Cyrus exclaimed.

Cyrus Strikes Out

Unfortunately for Miley, the country singers continued to roll with The Voice’s “King of Country,” Blake Shelton. The frustration was clearly getting to Miley, but she kept plugging away. And when Red Marlow took the stage, Miley came out swinging again. Miley told Red, “When I grew up, I sat with Waylon Jennings, I sat with Dolly Parton, and I took notes. I’m here to win The Voice with a country artist, and, Red, you are as country as they get.”

Once again, Miley was disappointed when Red picked Blake. But when 21-year-old Ashland Craft hit the stage, Miley knew she had a chance. “I want us to be this, like, power team of these two females who aren’t scared of being the punk-rock Dolly Parton,” she told Ashland. And despite Blake’s best efforts, Miley finally got her country artist.

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