Miles Teller Speaks Out After Public Intoxication Arrest, Police Say ‘Whiplash’ Star Was ‘Uncooperative’

Miles Teller may have found himself on the wrong side of the law.

The Whiplash star was reportedly arrested on misdemeanor, drunk in public charges in San Diego, California, early Sunday morning, after being uncooperative with local police, ET can confirm.

A spokesman for the San Diego Police Department confirms Miles Teller was arrested early Sunday morning for public intoxication. Police questioned Teller just after midnight.

"Upon contact the officer noticed that Teller was 'swaying side to side, had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes.' At one point, Teller lost his balance and almost fell into the street where there was traffic," the spokesperson mentioned.

"At that point, the officer determined Teller was unable to care for himself, and he was transported to detox," the spokesperson added, claiming however, that Teller refused to follow direction and was rejected by the detox program. Teller was then booked for public intoxication and stayed in jail for four hours before being released without bail.

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Following his arrest, Teller took to Twitter to comment on the incident, writing, "Went down to SD to see my buddy before he deployed. I wasn't arrested I was detained bc there was no evidence to charge me with a crime."

Late last year, Teller and girlfriend Keleigh Sperry walked away unharmed following a car accident in Los Angeles. On Twitter, the actor called out the driver of the other vehicle's "irrational and ignorant" driving after the car allegedly pulled out into oncoming traffic.

Watch the video below for more.

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