Mila Kunis Says She Chain-Smoked to Lose Weight for 'Black Swan'

Mila Kunis in ‘Black Swan’ (Fox Searchlight)

When celebrities gain or lose a ton of weight for a film, they often boast about how they did it in a “healthy” way — but Mila Kunis has recently confessed to taking a radically unhealthy shortcut. In an interview yesterday for The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM (listen here), Kunis revealed that she smoked “a lot” of cigarettes, in addition staying on a strict diet, in order to get her weight down for Black Swan.

“I had to look skinny in order to look like a ballerina. That’s how you fake it, unfortunately,” Kunis, who stars in the new comedy Bad Moms, explained. “I used to be a smoker, and so I smoked a lot of cigarettes and I ate a limited amount of calories. It was a 1200-or-less calorie diet a day… And I smoked. I don’t advocate this at all.”

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Kunis, who has since quit smoking (“It was the best decision I ever made in my life,” she told Stern), received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance as a devious ballerina who upends Natalie Portman’s life in the Darren Aronofsky drama. It was the first time that Kunis, best known for television and romantic comedies, received awards-season attention. And she told Stern that she loved every minute — even though she was so sure she’d lose, she didn’t even prepare a speech. (The 2010 Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress went to Melissa Leo for The Fighter.)

“At this point I had a routine on my way to the awards shows: I was like, shot of vodka in the car! Woo!” Kunis said with a laugh. “I think I, at the Oscars, had the best time of anybody! Because I snuck liquor in, I did shots… I knew I wasn’t going to win [a Golden Globe]. Please. It just didn’t even cross my mind.”

For Kunis, who has been acting since she was a child, awards aren’t a priority. "I love what I do, but I don’t need to win. I just need to work,” she told Stern. Now that sounds healthy.

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