Miguel Asks “What Is Your Relationship To Pain?” After Pierced Performance

Warning: Graphic images are featured below.

Miguel posed a question to fans after his latest performance. The R&B singer took to social media to reflect on his VISCERA experience, which took place last week and found him suspended in air through hooks pierced into his skin.

“What is your relationship to pain?” asked the 37-year-old in the caption. In the carousel upload, the Los Angeles native shared photos of his back, where the body modification took place, and a bloody white tank top worn during the event.

“What is your relationship to change?” he continued.

During the performance, Miguel was pierced by professionals in front of an intimate crowd. With two devices inserted into each side of his back, ropes were then carefully attached to the freshly installed hooks. From there, the Kaleidoscope Dream artist was slowly lifted into the air.

He remained suspended under a spotlight for the length of a full song, which he delivered despite his skin being stretched away from his body.

Miguel back piercing
Miguel performs music from his new album at the exclusive ‘Viscera Experience’ in partnership with Sony’s ‘For The Music’ on August 25, 2023 in Los Angeles, California

The Grammy Award-winning musician delivered the shocking showcase as part of his collaboration with Sony as the first artist to join For The Music. Singing while hanging from the ceiling is not the first stunt Miguel performed since the campaign began.

Prior to the VISCERA experience, the “Sure Thing” singer scaled a skyscraper before breaking through the building’s glass walls in the launch video, a concept fully developed by Miguel himself.

“There’s nothing like the feeling of having complete trust and belief in something when you have an idea as crazy as this,” detailed the Kaleidoscope Dream artist in a press statement. “I’m amped about what we created together with For The Music and can’t wait to share it with everyone!”

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