Midnight, Texas Cast Teases Tantric Fiji/Bobo, Lem and Olivia's 'Psychic Connection' in Hard-Won Season 2

The six-month wait for Midnight, Texas‘ Season 2 renewal felt interminable to fans, but it won’t take nearly as long for the supernatural drama to throw its residents into mortal danger once the show resumes this fall.

Proving there really is no rest for the wicked, Manfred & Co. will be in serious trouble “pretty much 10 seconds in” to the Oct. 26 season premiere, new co-showrunner Nicole Snyder told TVLine during a visit to our Comic-Con interview suite.

Snyder and co-showrunner Eric Charmelo were joined by cast members François Arnaud, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Jason Lewis, Arielle Kebbel, Peter Mensah and Dylan Bruce, all of whom served up some otherworldly dish about what’s to come in the dusty, dark little town.

Topics discussed included:

* New Age hotel owners Kai and Patience (“They’re encroaching on Fiji’s territory!” Fitz-Henley cried), played by Nestor Carbonell and Jaime Ray Newman, respectively

* How much of a presence Creek will have in the season, given Sarah Ramos’ shift to recurring status (“Manfred’s coming to terms with the fact that Creek maybe deserves better than Midnight,” Arnaud previewed)

* A newfound “psychic connection” between newlyweds Olivia and Lem, which Kebbel joked “quickly goes from every woman’s dream to ‘Back the f–k off!'”

* Fiji and Bobo’s, er, robust romance. “At the beginning of Season 2, they’re kind of like 21-year-olds again, when you first fall in love,” Bruce said. “Very amorous. They’re doing things that Sting the singer would look at and go, ‘Hmm, haven’t tried that one before.'”

But underneath all of the interpersonal (inter-angel-al? inter-demon-al?) drama — of course — looms a larger menace.

“Last season, we played with the conceit that the threat to Midnight was lurking under the streets,” Charmelo said. “This season, the threat is amongst the Midnighters. So it’s kind of ferreting out who that threat is and what the end game is.”

Press PLAY on the video above to hear what else (including a new temptation for Lewis’ Joe) is ahead, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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