Microsoft May Let Call of Duty Have PS5 Exclusive Features in the Future

Call of Duty PS5 Exclusive Features
Call of Duty PS5 Exclusive Features

Microsoft has revealed that it still intends to make full use of PS5 exclusive features for future installments of the Call of Duty franchise. Far from releasing bug-ridden versions that would push players towards Xbox, the company has said they will make sure the PS5 has the best possible version moving forward.

Call of Duty on PS5 would include features like haptics

Call of Duty on PS5 will continue to include exclusive features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that are not found on the Xbox Series X|S. Microsoft explained to the CMA (thanks VGC) that they don’t have any obligation to make a PS5 version that is “beyond parity” with those on other platforms, but that by not doing so they will hurt future sales:

The Parties note, in particular, that there is no basis in the Provisional Findings for what would essentially amount to a “beyond parity” obligation, requiring Microsoft to develop a PlayStation version of CoD which has more features than the Xbox version.

As Microsoft will be shipping CoD on PlayStation in compliance with its remedy commitments [redacted], Microsoft will have every incentive to develop games with optimised support for PS5 features, such as haptics, and future consoles in order to maximise sales on the platform.

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This goes against Sony’s arguments that Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard could see inferior versions of Call of Duty released on PlayStation that are deliberately buggy. While the arguing continues, discussions of a deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation platforms for the next 10 years have been halted and only time will tell what the future holds.

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