Mickey Mouse Club Stars Deedee Magno and Jennifer McGill Recall Going to Prom with Members of *NSYNC

Deedee Magno, Jennifer McGill, JC Chasez and Joey Fatone
Deedee Magno, Jennifer McGill, JC Chasez and Joey Fatone

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The most epic crossover ever happened in the '90s!

Former Mickey Mouse Club cast members Nikki DeLoach, Deedee Magno, Chasen Hampton, Tony Lucca, Damon Pampolina and Jennifer McGill reunited at the first-ever 90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut, on Friday. As they kicked off the weekend's many panel sessions, host Christy Carlson Romano asked Magno, 46, about how she previously recalled going to prom with former *NSYNC member JC Chasez.

"I asked JC to go to prom with me," Magno reiterated. "He said yes!"

Magno and Chasez, 45, attended prom together at her school, Dr. Phillips High School, in Orlando, Florida. Several famous stars had attended the school back in the day, including Wayne Brady and DJ Khaled.

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At one point, McGill briefly chimed in with her own *NSYNC prom-related story.

"Joey Fatone and I went to prom twice at Dr. Phillips," McGill, 44, said. "He went to the high school. Yeah, he went to prom with me twice."

Added McGill, "We were in theater together. I moved to Orlando, so Dr. Phillips became the school I graduated from. It's where all of my friends are from."

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Back in 2015, Magno posted a throwback photo of her attending prom with Chasez.

"#tbt @JCChasez was my senior #prom date! post #MMC pre #NSYNC," she tweeted at the time. "We were babies! Thanks @MylinMusic for the pic!"

Fatone, 45, also shared a pic from one of his prom experiences with McGill. Alongside the post, he wrote: "@JennMcGillMusic u ready for a throw back that Erik found :)."

Deedee Magno JC Chasez
Deedee Magno JC Chasez


Jennifer McGill Joey Fatone
Jennifer McGill Joey Fatone


The Mickey Mouse Club was a variety show that originally aired in the 1950s but has been revived multiple times since. Most recently, it was brought back on social media in 2017 as Club Mickey Mouse but it ended in 2018.

During Friday's panel at 90s Con, the cast from the 1990s installment spoke about working alongside some of the show's most notable alumnae Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling.

"We were all so wowed by the talent of the final round of additional cast members that joined with Nikki [DeLoach] and Christina and Britney and Justin and Ryan," said Lucca, 46. "Obviously, they raised the bar because they were younger."

Added Lucca, "But at the same time, when people over the years have asked, you know, 'What was it like working with Christina and Britney?' And it's like, 'Well, it was cool but man, can I tell you about Rhona Bennett?' "

McGill then recalled a conversation she previously had with a casting director about the younger generation of stars coming in after them. At the time, he said they "had to bring in young ones who match" where the current cast had "set the bar."

Tickets for the first-ever 90s Con, taking place this weekend at the Connecticut Convention Center, can still be purchased through the event's website for Sunday.