Mickey Guyton on 'powerful' GRAMMMY Performance and New Country Album

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Country music artist Mickey Guyton visits "The Talk" and dishes on her GRAMMY Awards performance and upcoming debut album. "I've been dreaming of being able to perform at the GRAMMY's since I was a little girl, and I got that chance. And I think what made it so powerful was the choir. When we were rehearsing, we had everybody leave the room but the choir. And, I sat with them and I heard their stories. There was a woman there that used to be homeless at one point. This moment meant so much to her, and that was a huge moment for Black people in country music. So often we're only told we can do one thing, sing one genre of music, and it's usually R&B and hiphop, but we also love pop. We also love country music, and that was a moment for people to see that we're here." On her upcoming debut album release Bridges, she adds, "It's so crazy because I was at a store the other day, and I sawBlack Pumas album on the shelf, and I was like man, that must be so cool to be nominated for a GRAMMY and have an album out. I don't have that. And this is the moment, like I fought. It's going to make me emotional because I fought so hard for that, and it just never seemed like it was in the reach for me, and now it is. And I'm here, and I'm grateful."