Mickey 17: First Details and Trailer Teased at CinemaCon

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CinemaCon kicked off with a bang as the Warner Bros panel dropped the Joker 2 trailer, an early preview of Furiosa, and a closer look at The Watchers and Tim Burton's upcoming Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.

But one of the things people were buzzing most about out of last night's panel was the first look at Bong Joon Ho's Mickey 17, starring Robert Pattinson.

Initially set for a March 29, 2024 release, fans were furious upon hearing that Mickey 17 would be pushed back to January 31, 2025.

Now, we have proof that the film is real - and soon to be ready for audiences - as Pattinson and three-time Oscar winner Director Bong were in attendance for the screening of the first trailer.

CinemaCon is good at keeping everything top secret, with footage from the panels not often shared widely, but Discussing Film wrote a detailed preview of what the trailer offers.

They say "Robert Pattinson plays a common man named Mickey" who " travels to distant planets and space stations doing handy work, but the caveat is that he's expected to die doing these difficult missions."

Mickey 17 is based on Edward Ashton's 2022 sci-fi novel Mickey 7, and fans have been wondering why the title was changed.

Well, film critic Jillian Chilingerian has the answer.

According to Discussing Film, the trailer also introduces the supporting cast, including Steven Yeun, Mark Ruffalo and Toni Collette.

Robert Pattinson also stars opposite himself.

The first reactions to the trailer say that "Mickey 17 is for the freaks" and "heavy on the humor".

What else can we expect from the latest Director Bong film?

"Mickey getting eaten and chopped up into different pieces across space," Discussing Film says.

Mickey 17 is set for a theatrical release on January 31, 2025.