Who Is Mick Jagger's Girlfriend? All About Melanie Hamrick

Mick Jagger , Melanie Hamrick
Mick Jagger , Melanie Hamrick

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Mick Jagger may be one of the best-known rock musicians, but his relationship with Melanie Hamrick is on the private side.

The Rolling Stones frontman was already a father of seven when he met the former ballerina in 2014. After two years of dating, the couple welcomed Jagger's eighth child, son Deveraux Octavian Basil, in 2016.

Prior to welcoming her first son, Hamrick didn't have much experience with children and lived "a really simple life," as she told Marie Claire in 2017. "I never held children. Everyone laughed at me if I did. Now, all of a sudden, there are babies everywhere!"

"You don't become a ballet dancer thinking about having children," she added.

Despite their high-profile relationship, Hamrick doesn't share much about Jagger on social media. She instead sticks to sharing photos of her dance work and son Deveraux.

So, who is Mick Jagger's girlfriend and the mother of his eighth child? Keep reading for everything there is to know about Melanie Hamrick.

She is a former ballerina

Melanie Hamrick
Melanie Hamrick

Melanie Hamrick Instagram

Hamrick was born in Williamsburg, Virginia, and began studying ballet at an early age. She was a scholarship student for five years at the Kirov Academy of Ballet, where she trained with famed ballerina Alla Sizova as well as instructors Nicolai Morozov and Adrienne Dellas.

In April 2004, she joined the main ensemble of the prestigious American Ballet Theatre, with which she performed in Apollo, The Nutcracker and Balanchine's Theme and Variations, among others.

She met Jagger in Japan

Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick sighting on November 28, 2019 in London, England
Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick sighting on November 28, 2019 in London, England

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The American Ballet Theatre and The Rolling Stones were both on tour in Tokyo in February 2014, which is when Hamrick and her friends met Jagger backstage at a Stones concert.

The pair's relationship didn't become romantic until that June after Jagger invited Hamrick to join him for his band's stop in Zurich.

She and Jagger share one child

Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick
Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick

Melanie Hamrick Instagram

On Dec. 8, 2016, Hamrick gave birth to a son, Deveraux "Devi" Octavian Basil Jagger. Deveraux is Hamrick's first child and Jagger's eighth — he joined older siblings Karis, Jade, Elizabeth, James, Georgia May, Gabriel and Lucas.

A rep for the couple released a statement after Deveraux's arrival. "Melanie Hamrick and Mick Jagger's son was born today in New York and they are both delighted," the statement read. "Mick was at the hospital for the arrival. Mother and baby are doing well and we request that the media respect their privacy at this time."

As he's grown, Deveraux has begun to enjoy music and dance just like his parents. He's even been spotted supporting his dad at concerts and at the ballet with his mother.

"He dances a ton," Hamrick told The New York Times of her son in 2019. "I don't have him in classes yet. He plays the ukulele and makes up songs. He's got the gene. Definitely. I really want him to take tap. For a little boy to make some noise with his feet? He loves music classes."

She retired from the American Ballet Theatre in 2019

Hamrick announced her retirement from the American Ballet Theatre on Instagram in July 2019.

"It feels time to close this chapter and open the next," she told The New York Times of her departure. "The schedule of A.B.T. is great, but it's hard when you have a child and the life I have now. I feel like superwoman some days, and other days I feel like I'm head above water just phoning in being a dancer — coming to rehearsal and not being my best. That's not fair. I love it. But sometimes my head is not there."

Hamrick spent 15 years with the ensemble. Before her final year, she spent the off-season choreographing Porte Rouge, a ballet set to music by The Rolling Stones. Her experience on the other side of the table gave Hamrick a new perspective on her craft.

"I got so excited when I choreographed Porte Rouge," she told Pointe magazine. "I had this new motivation and thought that I could enjoy trying out some other styles. I started taking contemporary and hip-hop classes last year. It was so funny to be in the back of the class in my sneakers for hip-hop, but it made me smile."

She co-founded a production company

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Hamrick co-founded the nonprofit production company Live Arts Global with A.B.T. principal dancer Christine Shevchenko and choreographer Joanna DeFelice.

The company provides a platform to watch performances at no cost. "Our goal is to bring classical ballet to our beloved audiences at no cost and hopefully bring in new fans at the same time," Hamrick told L'Officiel magazine.

Live Arts Global also employed out-of-work artists and stage crew while most performance spaces were shut down due to the pandemic. "To give the dancers the sense of being on stage again was really special," Hamrick added.

She has collaborated with Jagger

Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick
Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick

Melanie Hamrick Instagram

In spring 2019, the couple collaborated on the ballet Porte Rouge. Hamrick, who announced the project on Instagram, choreographed the ballet while Jagger put the finishing touches on the score using The Rolling Stones' catalog.

"Melanie had the idea to do the ballet and she's choreographing it and she chose the songs to be honest," Jagger told Town & Country. "We discussed a few alternatives — but she really chose them."

Jagger continued: "Part of my job is to make sure that they all run together smoothly, do the links and the edits so they work together. So they flow nicely and the highs and lows go together and the keys work going from one song to the next — that sort of thing."

Porte Rouge premiered at New York City's Lincoln Center at the gala benefitting Youth America Grand Prix, a scholarship competition for young ballet students.