Mick Foley Comments On Missing RAW Is XXX

Mick Foley Comments On Missing RAW Is XXX
Mick Foley Comments On Missing RAW Is XXX

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Mick Foley has a good reason for missing WWE’s RAW Is XXX celebration.

RAW’s 30th anniversary celebration featured many WWE legends, but one notable absence was Mick Foley. The Hardcore Legend offered an explanation on his official Facebook page as to why he missed the show, noting that he “politely declined” the invite so he could rest up at home.

“I’ve seen a few questions like this one asking why I will not be on hand for the big anniversary. I was definitely asked by WWE, and politely declined due to the hectic nature of my schedule,” Foley wrote. “If I had not taken the past couple days off – and instead traveled to Philadelphia for the show – I would be on the road for 32 consecutive days. I have been working on a new project – which has been great fun, but also requires a lot of travel – and I just really needed a couple days off to relax and see my wife and children.”

Foley also wished WWE a happy anniversary and noted that he hopes he’ll be around for RAW Is 50.

Sending out happy 30th anniversary wishes to everyone involved with Monday Night Raw. It is no exaggeration to say that some of the very finest moments of my life took place on this program – and I’m hoping for another 20 years. I was not able to make it this time, but I just might be there for the 50th anniversary in 2043!

I’m wondering what a few of your favorite Mandind, Dude, Cactus or Commissioner Foley moments are from the Monday Night archives… Winning the title from @therock the first time is the no-brainer end so try to take a little deeper dive than that!

Thanks to all of you who watched for so many years, and have a nice day!

The Bella Twins were one other notable omission from RAW; find out why they didn’t appear despite initially being advertised here.

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