Michelle Buteau says Whoopi Goldberg voicing her breasts in new film “Babes” was a 'dream come true'

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Buteau and Ilana Glazer star in the comedy directed by Pamela Adlon.

Michelle Buteau, Ilana Glazer, and Pamela Adlon stopped by The View to promote their new film Babes and to honor one of the cohosts for her exceptional voiceover work.

Whoopi Goldberg, in a fantasy sequence, voices the breasts of Buteau's character, which the Survival of the Thickest actress called "a dream come true."

<p>Bryan Bedder/Getty</p> Whoopi Goldberg and Michelle Buteau

Bryan Bedder/Getty

Whoopi Goldberg and Michelle Buteau

"[We] wanted to bring Michelle's character Dawn's breasts to life,'" Glazer explained. "And we thought, 'Who would do that better than Whoopi Goldberg?'"

"I mean, it's a dream come true," Buteau said. "Dream come true." Though, she clarified, Goldberg was not performing "in person." Rather, Adlon directed her over Zoom, an experience the Better Things alum called "kinda unbelievable."

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Co-written by Glazer, with Josh Rabinowitz, Babes takes a look at the brutal and brutally funny side of pregnancy. However, getting that side to the screen proved difficult at times when they were initially shopping the script around.

"People in the industry either got it or they didn't. They were like, 'This is blue,' and I was like, 'Blue? This is my life,'" Glazer told Entertainment Weekly. "Also, pregnancy and motherhood, it's gory. We're so used to gore being expressed through violence rather than humanity — humanity that we all come from, that we're all experiencing in some degree."

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She added, "Off that initial experience with the script, it gave me peace in knowing that this story doesn't have to reach everybody, and it won't, but the people who are going to grab hold of it and never let go need this story the same way that me and Josh and Susie [Fox, her manager] needed to tell it. And when Michelle and Pamela came on board, we all needed to tell this story."

Breasts aside, this isn't the first time Glazer has called on Goldberg to lend a helping hand — the EGOT made a memorable cameo, in full Sister Mary Clarence drag, on a season 3 episode of Broad City.

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