Michelle Branch & Patrick Carney Pause Divorce Proceedings, Ask for ‘Privacy’

Michelle Branch and The Black Keys‘ Patrick Carney have suspended their divorce proceeding and will attempt reconciliation for six months, according to court documents obtained by Billboard.

After six months, the couple “may discuss whether or not they will reinstitute the divorce action or dismiss the same.” The decision to pause on their separation comes just a month after Branch filed for divorce from the drummer, citing irreconcilable differences. Before that, Branch claimed, in a since-deleted tweet, that the drummer had committed adultery and was later arrested on domestic assault charges. The charges were dropped on August 24.

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“I definitely shouldn’t have taken to Twitter to say anything. Here I am saying, ‘Please respect our privacy,’ but I’m the one who said it to the world,” Branch told People of the couple’s current situation, days before news broke of the divorce suspension. “I have to be respectful of the fact that I’m not the only person involved in this. We have very small children. I’ve promised Patrick I won’t speak about it publicly.”

“I’m still living in it right now,” she admitted to the publiction, “and it’s still changing by the hour.”

The musicians tied tying the knot in April 2019 in New Orleans. They share two young children, a 4-year-old son and 6-month-old daughter. Branch is also mother to 17-year-old Owen from her previous marriage to bassist Teddy Landau, with whom she separated from in 2014. Carney was previously married to Denise Grollmus and Emily Ward, though he doesn’t have children from those marriages.

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