Michelle Branch addresses domestic assault arrest in new interview: 'Not the finest moment of my life'

Michelle Branch is ready to turn over a new leaf with her husband, Patrick Carney.

The singer-songwriter gave an update on her relationship with the Black Keys drummer — with whom she has been married since 2019 and shares two children — during an interview Thursday on Tamron Hall, elaborating on the events that took place the night she was arrested after their domestic dispute, and saying she and Carney are trying to reconcile their differences.

In the past month, the pair's rocky relationship has been in the public eye after Branch tweeted a since-deleted message accusing Carney of infidelity (Carney has not responded to requests for comment). She was later arrested after an altercation between the couple, but the charge was dismissed in court. Branch filed for divorce the same month.

Now, Branch says the pair, who have put their divorce proceedings on hold, are attempting to work things out.

"My husband and I have started therapy recently, and I wish we had started it six months ago," she told host Tamron Hall. "I wish we had gotten help and talked to someone sooner. I think it's made such a huge difference in such a short amount of time."

Michelle Branch On Allegations Of Domestic Assault & Current State of Relationship With Her Husband
Michelle Branch On Allegations Of Domestic Assault & Current State of Relationship With Her Husband

Tamron Hall Show/YouTube Michelle Branch opened up about her rocky relationship and reconciliation with her husband on 'Tamron Hall.'

The "Breathe" singer also reflected on her and Carney's heated argument, calling it "the worst night of my life" and clarifying what happened before her arrest. "They are not allegations," Branch said while raising her index finger into the air. "I don't condone violence. I slapped my husband. Not the finest moment of my life."

She noted the huge amount of stress that she has been under after having recently given birth to the couple's daughter, Willie Jacquet, in February.

"I'm only seven months postpartum from having a baby. I mean every parent in the audience knows this: sleep stress, life stress, marriage stress, work stress," she explained. "We had been out at a birthday party that night. I had had a few drinks. All of the blocks were stacked in a way that I didn't have time to think about really what I was doing."

The musician said everything clicked all at once. "It was like one of those things that I was like, 'Is this really happening? Did this really just happen?'" she recalled. "And you're realizing in real time, 'Oh I probably shouldn't have tweeted that. Oh, I definitely shouldn't have let my anger get the best of me.' It's unfortunate that it took this horrible, traumatic event."

But now Branch thinks she and Carney are heading in the right direction. "My husband and I are like, 'Maybe how we were going was unsustainable, so maybe this will give us the tools to have a stronger marriage than we've ever had,'" she said. "So we're rolling up our sleeves and doing the work, which never sounds like fun, but we're doing it."

Watch a clip from Branch's Tamron Hall interview above.

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