Michael Weist, Organizer Of TanaCon, Says He’s Still Getting Cyberbullied Nearly Three Years After The Failed Convention

Michael Weist is an entrepreneur and social media manager who, in 2018, organized TanaCon, a social media influencer convention aimed at connecting online content creators with fans. “The first few hours of TanaCon went off flawlessly,” he says. “Everything seemed to be going great.” Michael says he was forced to shut down the event after more than 15,000 unregistered guests reportedly showed up at the Anaheim California event, creating a security issue for the venue. “The hotel had shut the doors, and what that did, was instantly create madness,” he says. The failure of TanaCon made international headlines. Michael claims that, as a result, he personally lost over $750,000, was forced to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, has been branded a scammer, and is the target of harassment and cyberbullying to this day. Why does Michael claim the circumstances at TanaCon were out of his control? Watch Monday’s Dr. Phil, “Social Media Outcast: The Organizer of TanaCon Speaks Out,” as Michael comes face to face with critics. Then, on Tuesday’s conclusion, “More Allegations Against TanaCon Organizer Michael: How Will He Respond?” Michael is confronted by friends, former employees, and others who share their varying perspectives on past interactions with him. Check your local listing to find out where to watch. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Outrageous news story in your town?