Michael Shannon Is a Suspicious Tour Guide at a South American Railroad Graveyard In Werner Herzog's 'Salt and Fire' (Exclusive Clip)


Michael Shannon just earned his second Oscar nomination for his turn as a cop with a somewhat lax attitude toward vigilante vengeance in last fall’s Nocturnal Animals. It was yet another in a long line of menacingly intense performances from the 42-year-old actor, and he’ll again assume a similar role as the villain of this April’s Salt and Fire from legendary director Werner Herzog. Yahoo Movies has an exclusive clip from the film (watch it above), and it looks like he’ll be in tip-top off-kilter form.

In the clip, Shannon’s CEO Matt Riley takes Veronica Ferres’ ecologist Laura to an abandoned train graveyard in the middle of the South American desert. As he explains, these vehicles have been sitting idle, decaying in the heat, for a hundred years — a situation that leads them to ponder whether or not visiting them isn’t, in some way, a form of time travel. It’s a conversation that feels like it channels an interior monologue from the director, whose documentaries are often prone to lofty ruminations. It suggests there’ll be a more meditative side to this thriller, in which Shannon’s bigwig kidnaps Laura and partner Dr. Fabio Cavani (Gael Garcia Bernal), only to find that he needs their help in averting an apocalyptic volcanic disaster.

A hypnotic take on Herzog’s favorite subject — the clash between man and nature — Salt and Fire (which was shot in Bolivia) should prove to be an intriguing new entry in the filmmaker’s canon when it arrives on VOD and iTunes on April 4, and in theaters on April 7.

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