Michael Jackson’s Estate Pays $2,500 To Restore His Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame


Michael Jackson's estate is not only helping run the music business left behind by the King Of Pop, but they are also protecting his legacy by restoring his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

The revelation came in court documents filed by the estate detailing yearly accounting for the late singer's entire estate. In the filings, his executors shared with the court all of the expenses paid by the estate, including items as big as taxes, and as little as pest control expenses for his properties.

As we've reported, the estate presents to the court evidence of any money made and spent by the MJ business -- including cash paid out to his family.


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One interesting note in the most current accounting showed the estate paying the "Hollywood Historic Trust" an amount of $2,500 for the restoration of Michael Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Of course, as an MJ fan, I think this is money well spent. The money is listed as "charity" in the accounting, based on the fact that it was given to the trust to handle the job.

Michael Jackson's Daughter Helps Clean Graffiti Off His Other Star

Michael Jackson's Estate Pays $2,500 To Restore His Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Interestingly, Michael Jackson's daughter -- Paris Jackson -- made headline news for cleaning graffiti off of another one of Jackson's monuments.

In 2018, Paris shared an image of herself scrubbing her late father's star, after someone pointed out to her that it had been vandalized. "Some people have no f---ing respect," she captioned the post, alongside a picture showing red graffiti on the star. She pointed out if wasn't THE Hollywood star, but said, "I understand that there is a difference between the radio emblem and the record, but a name is a name."

She added, "I was at my friend's apt that lives basically next door this morning and another buddy of mine said he saw this last night. Thankfully there was a Walgreens half a block away. Apparently, it’s not his actual star but hey that’s still his name. just a bit of acetone bishhh."

Michael Jackson's Estate Paid Out Over $8 Million To His Family In 2019

Michael Jackson's Estate Pays $2,500 To Restore His Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The full accounting featured a few other shocking numbers. It should be noted, the numbers are from a few years ago, as they don't have to be filed right away.

As for the family, the document states $8,257,905.29 has been given to them as a "family allowance." Another $114,342.26 was spent on maintaining MJ's famous Hayvenhurst mansion in Los Angeles.

One interesting expense in the estate's accounting is public relations. Obviously, the Michael Jackson business needs a publicist on hand for the major events including his music. But, in one year, the estate paid out $561,421.83! That's right, a publicist or PR firm was paid over half a million dollars for his PR. Where do we sign up?!

Michael Jackson's Estate Selling Half His Music Catalog For Over $800 Million

Michael Jackson's Estate Pays $2,500 To Restore His Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Executors for MJ's estate should be credited with turning around his finances in a major way. In the years leading up to his death, MJ stacked up a huge amount of debt and was unpaid on several of his mortgages. The team involved in his post-death business turned it around and has made over two BILLION dollars for his estate.

Now, the executors are reportedly in negotiations to sell half of his music catalog. The deal is estimated to be worth $800-900 million. Sources close to the situation are saying that Sony and a "possible financial partner" are negotiating to acquire 50% of the estate's interests in Jackson’s publishing, and "recorded-music revenues, the "MJ: The Musical" Broadway show and the upcoming biopic "Michael."

The deal has yet to be finalized.