Michael Jackson Accuser Wade Robson Compares Cover-Up of 'Pedophilic Tendencies' to Catholic Church Scandal

Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson is still fighting the MJ estate, along with corporations that were owned by the pop star, and in new legal documents he compares Jackson's enablers to priests inside the Catholic church.

In explosive new legal documents obtained by The Blast, Robson argues that employees of MJ's companies were responsible for connecting Robson with Jackson. Robson even specifically mentions the person who actually set up the first meeting of the two of them.

Robson says this employee "was responsible for organizing all of [Robson's] meetings with Jackson during this time." Robson claims the person was "the gatekeeper" and was "privy to all of his patterns with children."

He says that "any sensible adult who was that close, knowing almost everything about what Michael did every single day because she scheduled it ... for her to the be the gatekeeper, is the one that sent me by setting up this meeting into a pedophile's hand."

Wade Robson's lawsuit against Jackson's estate and his companies is in the court of appeal, after losing the first round of the legal fight in the trial courts. These new documents in his appeal point out how he believes the "Defendants did nothing to protect children such as Plaintiff from such horrific abuse and indeed went so far as to facilitate the very circumstances and environment for the abuse to occur and flourish."

In his argument, he cites one of the most famous child sexual abuse scandals in history, the case against the Catholic church. Specifically, how any third party has a duty to do something, if they suspect abuse of a child, "to report known or suspected child abuse to law enforcement."

Robson then quotes Cardinal Roger Mahoney, from testimony he gave in a case involving a priest, and how the church handled the reporting of such crimes. Mahoney said at the time, "If anyone has knowledge that a child is in danger, physically, emotionally, sexually, anyone, any human being has to do something about that."

Robson points out that in his case "reasonable actions could have included steps completely unrelated to Jackson himself (i.e. warning [Robson's] parents, or reporting the abused to officials."

He continues, "They did nothing because Jackson was simply too powerful to be controlled. The role defendants played in orchestrating the sexual abuse and patently failing to protect [Robson] from it was nothing short of deplorable. The evidence reveals that defendants actively assisted Jackson in his sexual pursuit of him."

As in the HBO documentary "Leaving Neverland," Robson is very graphic in detailing the assaults and how many people were responsible for the pop star's actions. Starting when he "was just seven-years old Michael Jackson began sexually molesting him. They did not dispute that from age 7 to 14, [Robson] was repeatedly, sexually abused by Jackson and that such abuse included fondling, kissing, as well as oral sex (both given and received) and anal sex."

Robson claims the employees of the pop star were involved in every aspect of the abuse, claiming they "arranged for the introductions, the meetings, and the logistics of the travel to put Jackson in a position to sexually abuse. Rather than protecting [Robson] and other children from sexual abuse by Jackson, they implemented measures designed to conceal the abuse and make it harder for victims' families and the authorities to discover the abuse."

Interestingly, he even claims in the new docs that the MJ estate "concedes for purposes of this appeal that despite being aware of Jackson's pedophilic tendencies, they did nothing to protect other children form such abuse is aware that the child is exposed to a perpetrator who has sexually abused children in the past."

As The Blast previously reported, the MJ estate has previously argued that MJ cannot defend himself now that he is dead and Robson is now "free to press his accusations against Jackson in the court of public opinion -- as he has done so loudly and repeatedly -- without fear of being sued for defamation."

Estate attorneys also pointed out during the appeal process that Robson missed the cutoff to file against any of MJ's companies, and strongly believe he does not meet the criteria for an exception.

Finally, they point out, even Robson's own mother thought the King of Pop was "innocent" when she was testified in front of a grand jury back in 1994.

Robson's attorneys responded by saying, "The righteousness of Defendants position is puzzling and frankly disturbing. [Robson] has every right to pursue his claim against an entity who literally did nothing to protect him for the rampant sexual abuse he suffered."

The case is now with the court of Appeals, and will be decided by a panel of judges as to if or not the case will continue.