Mia Yim: AJ Styles Is My Wrestling Dad, Seeing His Injury Was Scary

The OC Mia Yim WWE RAW
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Mia Yim understands that as things continue to change in WWE, she needs to remain ready for what might happen next.

RAW Superstar Mia Yim recently sat down with Rick Ucchino of The Bleav in Pro Wrestling Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the recent injury to AJ Styles and how that impacts The OC, Yim spoke glowingly of Styles and referred to him as her wrestling dad in the group.

“AJ is our rock. We love AJ. That’s my wrestling dad in the group,” Mia Yim said. “Being there was scary. I’ve broken my ankle before, and when I saw what happened, asked him what happened, I was like, get out. Karl, get in, finish this match. We’ll figure it out later.

“The biggest thing is, his attitude was always… he was joking the whole time, laughing, smiling. Even when some of the guys were like, ‘I’m so sorry,’ he’s like, ‘It’s part of the business.’ He just had a great attitude that you couldn’t feel like it was a damper in the air.

“So AJ’s just that good of a person, in my opinion. Being with the boys, without AJ, even before he did live events with us, we were still out doing our thing, too. So it’s like we’re just gonna keep doing our thing. We’re here for AJ, we’re gonna support him, but we’re also gonna show him that, in your absence, the group is gonna be okay. When you come back, we’re gonna be ready for you.”

Since AJ Styles’ injury, The Good Brothers haven’t been utilized on WWE programming, and Yim has been utilized in non-OC related storylines in the RAW Women’s division. Still, Yim knows as things continue to change in WWE, she always needs to stay ready for what comes next.

“You just always gotta stay ready. It’s never get ready; it’s stay ready,” Mia Yim said. “It helps when, at home, I’ve got the support of Keith. If I need help with something, he’s always there to kind of help pick me up, pick up the slack. It’s just riding the wave. Whatever happens, happens. But as long as you’re staying ready, you’ll be ready for anything.”

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What do you make of Mia Yim’s comments? Are you disappointed that AJ Styles’ injury has derailed the push for The OC? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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