Mia Khalifa Reveals How Little She Made Doing Porn, And People Are Stunned

Former porn actress and webcam model Mia Khalifa conducted an interview recently about her controversial past, and revealed she only made about $12,000 in that profession.

Interview Reveals Khalifa Didn't Make All That Much

Khalifa was recently interviewed by Megan Abbott, and the more than hour-long YouTube video brings it all out in the open.

Khalifa works as a sports broadcaster now, but says a lot of people still assume she works in the porn industry.

"Everybody deserves a second chance and everybody has a past they're not proud of," she says in the interview.

Khalifa Made a Name On Pornhub

Khalifa, originally from Beirut, moved to the U.S. in 2001 after the South Lebanon Conflict. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in history after attending college in Texas.

While living in Miami, she was asked if she wanted to be a nude model and she accepted.

At 22, Khalifa was the most searched-for name on the site Pornhub. She says she left the industry because of all the negative attention it was giving her. She also received death threats due to her ethnicity and for her huge popularity on Pornhub.

Putting It All Out In the Open

Khalifa is choosing not to hide behind what she's done in the past, stating that if she's out in front of it, then she ultimately owns her life.

"I’m ready to shed light on every questionable moment from my past, because if I own it, it can’t be used against me."

We Should All Be This Free

People on social media, for the most part, agree with her and are applauding her honesty.

"Don't be ashamed of your past, you have released many women ... for many you're a reference of pride (even among Arabs), often those who criticize you, have themselves a problem (or are frustrated), but for many you're a pride," wrote @pyerii.

"Good for you, Mia. Thank you for sharing your story. I hear some people mostly older complain that our generation and younger share too much about ourselves, but I feel like sharing is good because it helps us to learn from one another and to grow as communities and individuals," said @AprilMP.