Mia Friday Says Sharing A Locker Room With Alicia Fox Was A ‘Big Motivation’

mia friday
mia friday
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Mia Friday looks back on her interaction with Alicia Fox.

Following her departure from WWE, Alicia Fox (now known as Vix Crow) reached out to wrestling veteran Booker T about potentially knocking off some of her ring rust at his Reality of Wrestling school. After their initial contact, the duo also worked out an agreement for Fox to appear at ROW’s Summer of Champions event in July 2023.

During her outing there, Fox met several fans as well as the talent of Reality of Wrestling. In a recent interview with WrestleZone’s Ella Jay, ROW’s Interim Diamonds Champion Mia Friday recalled her delightful experience of meeting the former WWE Divas Champion at the event.

“[Fox] was so sweet,” Friday said. “Me and all the girls, we were all lined up, so nervous when she first walked in. We were just blown away at how sweet she was. She was just being a locker room mom, just giving us advice in general [about] making it into the business and everything. Was just so helpful.”

“She was like ‘I need to get a picture with you.’ I was like ‘With me?’ So, it was so great to be around her, She was just another wrestler that I grew up watching, and then to share a locker room with her, it was big motivation for me. I’m like ‘Okay, I gotta keep going. I can see something happening one day.'”

While she has not wrestled since the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble match, Fox has continued to make various appearances at wrestling-related conventions. Next month, Fox will be in attendance for WrestleCon in Philadelphia, as well as Starrcast Down Under in Australia.

Watch our full interview with Mia Friday below:

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