MGM+ developing web of Spider-Man spin-off shows, beginning with Silk: Spider Society


Sony is trying some interesting stuff with its Spider-Man-adjacent comic book movies, with some of it working better than other parts of it, but now Sony is looking to stretch its many spider legs and try putting Spider-Man-adjacent stuff on television. According to Deadline, the studio has made a deal with MGM+ (we’ll put a pin in explaining that for now) and Amazon Prime Video to develop a “suite of live-action series” based on the “over 900 Marvel characters that Sony controls” from its pre-Disney deal with Marvel. (Though, to be clear, a good chunk of those 900 characters are, like, the staff at the Daily Bugle. They’re not all Spider-Man or Spider-Men.)

The first of these live-action shows will be Silk: Spider Society, a series that has been in the works for a few years about a relatively new addition to the Spider-canon. Silk, whose real name is Cindy Moon (she has technically appeared in the MCU, but this probably won’t be related to that), is a pretty cool character with a pretty boring backstory: Back when a radioactive spider bit Peter Parker, the same spider then immediately bit Cindy, but instead of becoming a Spider-hero she was hidden away in a bunker for many years and only freed when a dimension-hopping villain tried to eat all of the Spider-people. The series will be run by Angela Kang, who previously showran The Walking Dead.

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As for MGM+, that’s the new name being given to the network that is currently known as Epix, with the change happening next year after being announced back in September. While there was some streaming element planned for MGM+, Silk and the rest of the shows from this Sony deal will air on regular TV on MGM+ and then be available on Prime Video—that means no Disney+, which will provide everyone who follows this stuff with another opportunity to explain why this thing based on a Marvel comic book is not related to that stuff based on a Marvel comic book.

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