Meyers Mocks Republican ‘Commitment to America’ Pamphlets: ‘Not Helping’ Accusations of Being Trump ‘Cult’ (Video)

Seth Meyers couldn’t help but be amused on Monday night by the fact that the Republican party’s plan for the future of the nation not only fits on a literal pamphlet, but that those pamphlets are being handed out. The late night host joked that that definitely doesn’t help stave off any jokes about Republicans being in a Trump-led cult of personality.

Last week, house minority leader Kevin McCarthy, flanked by Republican representative Elise Stefanik, announced Republicans’ new plan, called “A Commitment to America.” In doing so, he literally pulled out a pamphlet explaining the plan from his suit jacket pocket. The fact that it’s even able to be kept in a jacket reminded Meyers of something very different.

“I think it’s a bad sign when your plan for the future of the nation can be pulled out of your pocket like it’s an acceptance speech at the Emmys,” Meyers mocked. “‘You want us to lead the nation, oh my god, this is such a surprise! First off, I have to thank my agent and all the good people at A24 and oh no, they’re playing me off! Thank you, uh, Fox News! My kids, Zachary and Talulah go to bed! Mwah, mwah mwah!”

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The late night host added that “the user manual for my dishwasher is thicker than that,” pointing out that even Fox News and other Republicans have questioned why the plan is so thin and lacking in “more details.”

He then called up more footage, this time of McCarthy giving the pamphlets to the hosts of “Fox & Friends” during a recent appearance. And, of course, the late night host honed in on their reactions.

“You know, we have accused Republicans of being in a cult of personality around Donald Trump, and they are not helping when they literally walk around handing out pamphlets,” Meyers mocked. “But at least the Fox News hosts look super psyched about it. That’s the way your kid looks when they’re expecting a PS5 for Christmas, and instead you give them a New York City T-shirt you definitely bought at the airport.”

You can watch the full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.

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