Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón may strike gold again with his new film ‘Roma’

Director, producer and writer Alfonso Cuarón, 57, is considered one of the most accomplished filmmakers in the business. His latest movie, Roma, out Dec. 14 on Netflix, is a Spanish-language autobiographical film based on his childhood in Mexico City. It is expected to become the first Spanish-language production to get an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, and Cuarón is favored to take home his second Best Director statue. In 2014, he won two Academy Awards for his film Gravity: one for Best Director and the other for Best Editing. It's a huge accomplishment not only because the movie grossed $723 million worldwide but also because he was the first Mexican director to win the coveted Oscar. In his acceptance speech he gave a special shout-out to his mom: “This is thanks to you, Mom. I love you.” In the black-and-white Roma, Cuarón doesn’t focus on his younger self; instead he focuses on the two most influential women in his life: his mother and his live-in nanny. Cuarón’s passion project had a $15 million budget and took him 108 days to shoot. He had the personal work in mind for a decade, and when it came time to shoot, he kept the script top secret. “I wanted everybody, actors and crew, to learn the circumstance of the characters day by day, the same way that you learn in life," he told the Hollywood Reporter. Cuarón has worked on more than 13 films. One of his first movies was Great Expectations starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke. He’s also known for his work in Y Tu Mamá También, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and the award-winning Gravity. His latest film, Roma, will debut on Netflix and be distributed in theaters Dec. 14.