What is mewing? The jawline-tightening move that celebrities supposedly use in photos

Celebrities aren’t often spotted in professional photos with unflattering angles or double chins. While Photoshop may certainly play a role in that, TikToker Danielle Walter (@daniellewalter_) has another theory on how they do it: by using a technique called “mewing” that allegedly tightens the jawline.

Mewing is accomplished by holding one’s tongue against the roof of the mouth to create a more defined jaw and under-chin look.

“I just tried this and can’t believe how well it worked!” exclaimed @carapugh89.

What is mewing?

TikToker and dentist Zainab Mackie (@drzmackie) explained that mewing (pronounced “moo-ing” by some TikTokers) is an exercise that’s done by placing the tongue against the roof of your mouth and flattening the tongue against the top.

“It’s supposed to give you a defined jawline,” Mackie noted.

She also added that while mewing is OK “to do for a quick picture here and there,” “there is no real research out there that shows that if you actually do this every day, it’s going to have an effect on your jawline.”

Walter tagged another TikToker, Kaci Shiers (@kaci_shiers), whom she credited with teaching her the technique.

In her own TikTok, Sheirs demonstrated how doing it can make a lump under the chin virtually disappear.

Shiers also gave a more detailed tutorial on how to execute mewing and explained that some people may not physically be able to do it based on their own anatomy and how far their tongue can move up and down.

“To go up, just push the back of your tongue to the roof of your mouth,” she stated. “It’s all to do with the back of your tongue, you can just, like, move it down and up. The front of my tongue doesn’t even move when I do it.”

“How do you do this and breathe at the same time bro,” wondered @kit_woolv777.

Do celebrities use mewing to look better in photos?

Shiers called mewing the “Bella Hadid trick” in another TikTok, seeming to allege that the technique can either give you a defined jawline like Hadid has or that Hadid actually practices the technique for her own paparazzi sessions.

Beauty influencer “Mama Random” (@mattrandon) did claim that the technique is a must-know in the celebrity world, especially because it’s so simple to do.

“Literally all the celebrities do it to look good in photos below,” he explained, displaying a photo of Hadid he claimed captured her mewing in real-time.

Random also claimed that practicing the mewing technique regularly can improve the positioning of the teeth, a claim that Dr. Mackie did not validate.

Regardless, commenters appeared eager to give the trick a try, while others have merely accepted their chin lot in life.

“I need a crane to hold my jaw up. Everything is way south now,” confessed @lynned61.

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