#TimesUp makes its way to 'Scandal'

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Sexual misconduct took center stage on this week’s episode of Scandal, and brave women everywhere decided that #TimesUp.

Following the suicide of Alisha, a young woman whose boss destroyed her career after she declined his advances, Olivia Pope made it her mission to seek justice.

Olivia visited Alisha’s former roommate, Meghan, who did sleep with the congressman’s chief of staff and was subsequently offered a full-time position. Olivia told Meghan,If nobody finds the courage to take these men on, they’re just gonna keep doing what they’ve been doing.” Olivia’s plan was to persuade Meghan to tell the story, which would then help build a case against the chief of staff. Despite Meghan’s initial reservations, she eventually agreed that it was the right thing to do.

Meghan came forward in a national press conference and delivered a powerful speech. “I’m here today to talk about the death of my friend and co-worker, Alisha Francis,” she said. “A week ago, Alisha lost her job. A few days later, she took her own life. Before she was fired, Alisha made a courageous, professional choice — one that, for her, ended in tragedy.” Meghan explained that Alisha’s decision to turn down a man who had the power to help or hurt her career resulted in that man punishing her by firing her and destroying her reputation.

“If you’re asking yourselves how I know all this, it’s because I had the same choice to make, and I chose differently,” Meghan revealed. “I had sex with this man, and — just as he promised — I was rewarded with a permanent position. I don’t relish standing up here to discuss my sex life, but I see no other way to expose a culture where women cannot succeed on their own merits but are instead judged by their attractiveness and their sexual compliance.”

In the end, President Mellie Grant announced that she too planned to address how the country handles sexual harassment in the workplace, and other gladiators proudly joined the movement.

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