Messy Black TV Guilty Pleasures We Can't Stop Watching

Screenshot: BET Plus
Screenshot: BET Plus

First things first: When we call a show a guilty pleasure, it’s a compliment. We understand and appreciate all the hard work that goes into making a TV series. However, it’s obvious that some shows have higher budgets and higher quality than others. It’s also no secret that as shows age anc the cast changes, the quality can dip. Let’s not pretend these things don’t happen. Despite these factors and others, there are shows that we just can’t quit. In this chaotic world the messy drama of these series help us relax, laugh and enjoy life. We’re celebrating their special qualities by recognizing our favorite messy Black TV guilty pleasures.

All the Queen’s Men - BET+

There’s something magnetic about the way Eva Marcille commands the screen. She’s the foundation that keeps us interested when things get over the top crazy.

Tyler Perry’s The Oval - BET+

There’s no show currently on TV that’s messier than “The Oval.” It chronicles the manipulations and scandals of the first family and their staff, but somehow that just doesn’t describe the scream out loud craziness of this hit. We literally never know what to expect, which is a good thing.

The Traitors - Peacock

What makes “The Traitors” so fun is that producers built the backstabbing right into the premise of the show. Is it a murder mystery or a reality show? It’s a little of both and you will be instantly ready to binge the whole thing after one episode. Season 3 will include “Summer House’s” Ciara Miller, “Big Brother’s” Danielle Reyes and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” breakout star Bob the Drag Queen among its contestants.

The Never Ever Mets - OWN

At this point, it’s hard to find something new in the reality dating genre. OWN’s “The Never Ever Mets” follows seven couples who’ve never met in person as they start the next chapter of their relationships while all living in a house togetther. Why yes it is extremely addictive.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville - OWN

It’s not the best human quality, but sometimes we want to watch other people be messy because it makes us feel better about ourselves. It’s not pretty, but it’s entertaining.

Kingdom Business - BET+

We didn’t know gospel music legend Yolanda Adams could go full Cersei Lannister, but she does in this fun drama following the first family of gospel. Turns out they’ll do anything, and we mean anything, to stay on top.

Sistas -BET

“Sistas” has been on for seven seasons! How is that possible? Well, it’s probably because while no one is admitting to watching this bananapants crazy dramedy, enough of y’all are watching to keep it going.

Real Housewives of Poiomac - Bravo

We could’ve put literally any “Real Housewives” on this list, but what we’ve learned over the years is that the richer the Housewives are, the messier the drama.

House Hunters - HGTV, Max

It’s not that “House Hunters” is messy, but we all know there’s a moment in certain episodes when you can see the toll the hunt is taking on the couple’s relationship.

Grey’s Anatomy - ABC

“Grey’s Anatomy” recently wrapped up Season 20 and is headed into Season 21. Even diehard fans can admit that it’s not the show it once was. The years and creative team changes eventually start to show on all long-running series. However, there’s something about Chandra Wilson’s Dr. Bailey that keeps us checking back in every season.

Doctor Who - Disney+

Calm down fellow Whovians, we have nothing but love for The Doctor. But you have to admit that Russell T. Davies’ return as showrunner and Ncuti Gatwa’s introduction as the first Black Doctor have led the show to return to its sillier, fun vibe, and that’s led to some amazing stories.

Evil - Paramount+

We’re well aware that “Evil” is a really awesome series. But its fantasy/biblical elements often leave us wondering “What the hell did we just watch?” Occasionally, it gets so batshit crazy, it takes days to process, which is what we love about it.

Big Brother - CBS, Paramount+

Summer’s ultimate guilty pleasure will always be “Big Brother.” Even though we know we won’t get another “Cookout” style takeover, filming a bunch people from vastly different walks of life is always going to be messy. At least one houseguest is kicked out every season for problematic comments or actions.

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