Meri Brown’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Dark Past Explained


Sister Wives Meri Brown has always been quite the conundrum amongst viewers. There were times that the first wife of Kody Brown garnered sympathy due to her ill-treatment, and there were other times that it felt like Meri was playing up the victim role. After almost three decades of legal and spiritual marriage, Meri finally found the courage to walk away from the polygamous patriarch and revealed she had been dating a new man called Amos Andrews.

Fans never thought they’d see the day that Meri finally moved on because she hung on so tightly to the idea of being married to Kody that it physically hurt to watch. She keeps telling fans to know their worth and “Worthy up,” but there have been more times than I can count when Meri just looked desperate.

Unfortunately for Meri, fans’ doubts about her new relationship were correct, as Meri and Amos recently called it quits. But it turns out Amos has an unsavory past, and Meri may be better off without him.

Who’s Amos?

On her birthday Meri revealed to her fans that she has been dating Amos. He seems like a regular Joe who isn’t used to the limelight. And while he isn’t 6’6,” Meri noted that he knows how to communicate, and she is truly thankful for that. However, after a few glimpses into Amos’ past, it doesn’t look like he has been a stand-up guy. He has been married four times, and ex-wife spoke to The U.S. Sun.

The anonymous ex-wife revealed that Amos might have ulterior motives. “I think he’s really opportunistic… he is looking for someone for a payday.” It turns out Amos watched the show when the Brown family was living in Las Vegas, and he knew exactly who Meri was. The ex joked, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he took his ex to the bed and breakfast [Lizzie’s Heritage Inn] just to run into her to make that chance encounter.” Viewers have yet to learn how exactly the new duo met.

Amos Refused To Pay Child Support

With four previous wives, there was bound to be a problem. The U.S. Sun reported that Amos refused to pay child support to his second wife, Shannon Martin, after their breakup. The standoff was said to have gone on for seven years. The former couple shared a daughter, Tiffany, and Amos was required to pay until she turned 18. The court ordered Amos to pay $373 per month, which should have started in February 2001.

Shannon took her ex-husband to court in 2013, claiming Amos hadn’t paid a dime until his wages were garnished in 2008. The documents showed that the deadbeat dad owed over $10,000 in back child support. A deeper look into the documents showed, “The father has been difficult to reach, and frequently changed phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses without informing the mother, sometimes multiple times a year.”

Eventually, Tiffany went to live with her father, and the court ruled that Amos pay Shannon $404.53 in child support payments owed and $4,092.62 for childcare expenses. Then Shannon agreed to pay Amos $158 monthly in child support since her daughter had moved house.

Amos Filed For Bankruptcy

It seems Amos isn’t exactly squeaky clean and might have a long list of financial issues. In Touch confirmed that in May 2000, Amos filed for Chapter 7 while living in Phoenix, Arizona, with his former wife, Shannon. At the time, Shannon was listed as a co-petitioner in the filing. The case was closed in September of 2000, with Shannon being listed as “discharged.” As the outlet points out, after filing for bankruptcy, a person must sell their property to pay back their debts.

It is starting to look like Amos has been looking for his cash cow and may have finally hit the jackpot. However, I am unsure how much money Meri has since her divorce from Kody. She still has a share of Coyote Pass and her inn in Utah, but I don’t think she is a millionaire. But here we go again, watching Meri choose another bad seed. Hopefully Meri makes better decisions when dating in the future


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