Meredith Marks Will Be ‘Avoiding’ Monica Garcia in Future

Meredith Marks
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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City certainly had a lot of drama at the end of the fourth season. Cast member Meredith Marks recently shared her thoughts about co-star Monica Garcia and how she would handle it if Monica remained on the show. Short answer — avoid her!

During an appearance on Scheana Shay’s podcast Scheananigans, Meredith threw back to when her RHOSLC friend Heather Gay confirmed that Monica helped run the gossip Instagram account, Reality Von Tease. The revelation was especially disturbing because the troll account had supposedly tormented each original member of the cast.

This is why Meredith is in no hurry to interact with Monica soon, or maybe ever again.

Staying away

When asked how she would feel about Monica returning for the next season, Meredith simply answered, “That’s not up to me.”

Scheana then prodded by asking if Monica returned, would Meredith be open to conversations with her, or would she try to avoid Monica in the future?

Her reply was quick and easy. “I mean, for me, I would be avoiding Monica,” she said. And honestly, who can blame her?

She did add, though, that Monica could redeem herself. “I do believe everyone deserves a second chance,” she explained. “But not always in the same capacity. And you know, it’s just kind of it.”

More Housewives choosing avoidance

Meredith isn’t the only cast member who doesn’t want to interact with Monica. Heather and Lisa Barlow have also been transparent about their feelings.

Heather said she is not interested in filming seasons with Monica for many reasons, including Monica’s now-dismissed lawsuit.

“I’m not friends. And it’s a show about our friends. With the legal battle going on and the way we left things, we are not friends, and I don’t see us making amends,” Heather said.

For her part, Lisa Barlow stated that she did not feel comfortable with Monica after what happened last season. “I just couldn’t trust her. And I don’t want her in my home. I don’t want her in my space,” Lisa said.

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