Mercedes Moné On Signing With AEW: I’m Always About That Bag, You Can Do More In AEW

Mercedes Mone AEW Dynamite
Photo Credit: AEW

Mercedes Moné is all about that bag.

At AEW Dynamite: Big Business, Mercedes Moné officially joined AEW. The former Sasha Banks’ move to AEW brings a lot of star power, and it has been buzzed about since she appeared in the crowd at AEW All In in August 2023.

In an interview with Marc Raimondi of ESPN, Moné reflected on attending AEW All In and noted that she wants to create history.

“I’m all about creating history,” Moné said. “I’m all about creating magic, and I’m all about creating so much more. And that’s what AEW brings — so much more, more opportunity, more chances and more chances just to stand out and to be seen and noticed.”

Of course, money always helps in these matters. “The CEO” stated that Tony Khan spoke to her heart, and a hefty financial offer was a factor as well.

“I mean, I’m not Mercedes Moné for no reason,” Moné said with a smirk. “Money changes everything. I’m always about that bag. Absolutely.”

Beyond the money, Moné highlighted having freedom as another key aspect of her decision to join the company

“You can do so much more in AEW — you can do everything,” Mercedes Moné said. “And for me, I want to do everything. So, this is the place for me to be, and this is the place that I call home.”

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