Memphis Bleek Celebrates Real Estate Success, Throws Shot At DJ Envy

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DJ Envy has been the subject of social media slander for the last few weeks after being tied to Cesar Pina’s real estate scandal. Memphis Bleek was the latest celebrity to throw shots at The Breakfast Club host.

The “Dear Summer” rapper shared an Instagram post on Friday (Oct. 20) celebrating his own success in the real estate industry. In the photo, he stood alongside his wife Ashley Coombs Cox, who held a large key with “Sold!” written on it, as well as real estate agent Sandra Bolden.

“Another one sold!!” Bleek wrote, celebrating his purchase of a home. “Thanks to @thebolden_team Always Holding us down‼️ @biznesswomanac What we buying next??” he wrote, before he took took a subtle jab at Envy with the concluding sentence, “An we Ain’t Scamming,” followed by laughing emojis. Check out the post below.

Memphis Bleek’s caption was in reference to DJ Envy’s former business partner Cesar Pina. Pina was recently arrested on federal charges due to a real estate Ponzi scheme and has had multiple lawsuits thrown his way.

Envy claims he was not aware of the alleged scams, which has raised many eyebrows as he has been listed as the co-founder of Pina’s company, held seminars with him, and welcomed him to The Breakfast Club as a guest. Pina has co-signed his claims and stated he labeled Envy a co-founder without his knowledge or consent.

Envy has also claimed to be a victim of Pina’s shady dealings himself. “I do understand how people feel if they gave him money, because I gave him a lot of money,” he said earlier this month. “I didn’t see a dollar of return. For anyone to say that I was involved, that’s totally not true… I would never, I been on radio for close to 30 years, and never in my 30 years time did I do nothing but try to uplift people in different ways with a business mind. I would never take a dollar from somebody.”

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