Memorable 'Die Hard' stunt tested on 'MythBusters'

MythBusters examined the Hollywood trope made popular by films like Die Hard, that an action hero can jump off a building while being tied to something, shoot out a window, and safely land inside several stories below. Hosts, Jon Lung and Brian Louden tested the theory by tying a rope around a dummy, equipped with sensors, and shoving it off a six-story tower. The yank of the rope gave the dummy terminal whiplash so they attempted the drop from four stories. The four-story drop appeared to still be too violent and would likely result in an injury. After assessing that a two-story was plausible, the men set to testing the ability to shoot out a window and then swing through. It quickly became apparent that element of the trope was very plausible as the glass seemed to shatter quickly and easily. Lung put on protective gear and using a belay system, to minimize impact on his spine, he jumped off a building. He fell 2 stories and then swung safely through a shattered pane of glass. He proved the trope is totally plausible.