Melissa McCarthy reveals the hilarious prank she played on Octavia Spencer on set of 'Thunder Force'

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Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer appeared Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote their new movie Thunder Force, in which the two play a pair of superheroes with a sweet ride, and McCarthy revealed the prank she couldn’t help playing on her longtime friend.

In the movie, their super-vehicle is a purple Lamborghini, which posed its own set of issues even before McCarthy decided to pull the prank. In fact, it was those issues that inspired the prank.

“Neither one of us has ever been in a Lamborghini, so when we finally went to jump in and peel out in it, we realized, it's like 3 1/2 inches off the ground,” McCarthy said, “and you have to go in on an angle, like you have to stiffen your body and go in like a corpse. It’s crazy.”

So McCarthy got the crew to help her pull it off.

“When we were shooting it for the first time, I had the transpo guys lower her seat even more,” McCarthy said. “So it's literally — like she's trying to get in, in her super-suit, and it's like a quarter of an inch off the ground, but she's got to lay back while she slides in. And then she couldn't get out.”

The plan worked like a charm. They showed a clip of Spencer needing help to get out of the car after shooting. McCarthy immediately 'fessed up and Spencer let out a big laugh.

Earlier in the interview, Spencer told Kimmel that she sometimes has dinner with McCarthy’s parents even when McCarthy isn’t there, which gave Kimmel a terrible idea for retribution.

“Maybe you seduce Melissa's father when you're over at the house and destroy her parents' marriage, you know?” Kimmel said. “That could be fun.” Spencer responded with a resounding, “No!”

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