Melanie Lynskey's psychic predicted that Yellowjackets would be a success

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Yellowjackets was always going to be a hit — at least, according to star Melanie Lynskey's psychic.

Speaking with InStyle for its September cover interview, Lynskey revealed that sometime after shooting the pilot and before it was picked up to series, a certain clairvoyant predicted the Showtime drama's success.

"This sounds so crazy, but I talked to a psychic, who I love, and she told me this was gonna happen," Lynskey told the publication. "It had been months and months since we shot the pilot, and she said, 'That show's gonna get picked up and it's gonna be really big, and you're gonna enter into a time in your career that you thought, if this didn't happen when you were 25, it was never going to happen... It's about to happen.'"

While Lynskey wasn't so sure — "I was like, I just don't think that's possible. Thank you so much, like, she can't always be right" — it turns out the clandestine forces knew what they were talking about. The series has been nominated for seven Emmy awards this year, including an Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series nomination for Lynskey (her first). Yellowjackets is also Showtime's second most-streamed series in the network's history, according to Variety, and has already been picked up for season 2.

Also starring Juliette Lewis and Christina Ricci (who was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series), Yellowjackets is centered around a girl's soccer team that becomes stranded in the Canadian wilderness in 1996. The series jumps between the '90s and the present day as the surviving teammates are forced to navigate life after the traumatic incident.

So, either Lynskey's psychic is the real deal... or she should consider a career change into Hollywood.

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