Mel B grossed out by dirty-dancing old couple on 'AGT'

Stephen Proctor

On America’s Got Talent, 66-year-old Celina and 70-year-old Filiberto got down and dirty in a dance neither the crowd nor the judges saw coming, even though they should have. The married couple are a two-person dance team called Ganas con Cañas, which translates roughly to “Desire With White Hair.” Celina and Filiberto even have videos on YouTube, and their sexy moves lived up to their name.

The crowd lost it when Filiberto started grinding on Celina, who even began to twerk, as Howie pointed out. They finished the dance with Filiberto on the ground thrusting his body up toward Celina.

Everyone went wild when the dance was finished — that is, except Mel B, who thought it was too much. “Some things should just be done in private,” she said. “That should be private stuff. That’s private.” Simon was quick to point out they’ve had performances like that before on AGT and accused Mel of ageism.

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