Mel B’s Ex-Husband Taking Daughter And Permanently Moving To Miami

Stephen Belafonte has been granted permission from the court to move his daughter with him to Miami, Florida. How will it affect Mel B’s relationship with her daughter?

Stephen Belafonte Had To Wait Months For The Move

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The producer filed the original paperwork back in March meaning he had to wait nearly four months for a judge to confirm he can permanently move his daughter despite a custody agreement that he has with his estranged ex-wife.


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The Blast broke exclusive details about the shakeup in the former couple’s custody agreement over their daughter Madison Belafonte.

At the time, Belafonte explained via the court paperwork why he needed to make the move and it was purely for financial necessity. Because let’s be real, no one likes to move.

Stephen Belafonte Doesn’t Want To Ruin The Relationship

Mel B heads to the grove after a day in court with her ex husband Stephen Belaphonte

Belafonte writes, “I am committed to ensuring that Madison maintains a strong and healthy relationship with her mother, and I will continue to do everything in my power to facilitate that relationship if we move to Miami.”

He insists. “Moving to Miami will have no detrimental impact on Melanie’s relationship or visitation with Madison, rather, this move will make Madison’s visits to the UK easier as the distance and plane ride is shorter.”

Currently, Belafonte resides in Los Angeles, and it sounds as though Brown flies in for visits with her daughter per the last agreement. He insists, “The proposed move will provide my daughter with a stable and supportive environment in which to thrive.”

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Seeing as Belafonte is moving states, one would assume that the custody may have to be reworked but Belafonte has asked that it stay the same. So, truly, there is no time lost for the Spice Girl.

Her schedule will stay the same which is great for her other children who are not with Belafonte. Plus, Madison will be in a better environment. “I have thoroughly researched the Miami area and have identified suitable housing options, reputable middle schools, and high-quality hospitals to ensure that Madison’s needs are met.”

He current paperwork states that Madison can make the move with her dad handed down by the Superior Court Of California, County Of Los Angeles Family Division.

Mel B And Stephen Belafonte Had A Rough Go

Melanie Brown out with husband Stephen Belafonte

The former couple were married for ten years and when they decided to divorce, the bombshells dropped one after the other. Brown accused Belafonte of physical and emotional abuse. The accusations got so plenty that Belafonte had to publicly ask her to stop the onslaught.

The same month he filed this paperwork he asked the singer to stop spreading the lies and again denied that he had ever hurt the internationally known singer. Mel insists she only lost primary custody of her daughter because she was living and working in L.A. but never became a citizen.

She didn’t want to uproot Madison and opted to let Belafonte keep her stateside.