Megyn Kelly's Live Podcast Interview Gets Crashed by a Bird: 'Is This a Set Up?'

Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly
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John Medina/Getty Megyn Kelly

Bird is the word, at least during Megyn Kelly's Halloween episode of her SiriusXM podcast!

During a live taping of The Megyn Kelly Show at the 50-year-old journalist's Connecticut home, an unidentified bird crashed the host's interview with Ghost Hunters executive producer Jason Hawes.

On Friday, the Settle for More author told her Twitter followers about the hilarious, yet nerve-wracking moment, writing, "Still. Laughing. About. This."

At first, Kelly appeared in disbelief of the in-studio interruption, questioning out loud, "Is this a set-up?" while she laughed at the unbelievable situation.

The camera then panned to the host's visibly panicked assistant, who reassured her boss, "There is a legit bird in here, right now!"

The former Fox News anchor proceeded to tell her assistant, "Go get Doug, this is his job," referring to her husband of 13 years, Douglas Brunt.

As her interview with Hawes continued, Kelly proceeded to ask the paranormal investigator what they should do about the unwelcome visitor. He matter-of-factly responded, "Hopefully, catch it."

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The Megyn Kelly Show
The Megyn Kelly Show

The Megyn Kelly Show/Youtube

"We've had situations where owls have been in the building with us, bats have landed on our hats. Right now, I just ate duck," Hawes jokingly added.

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Kelly also suggested the idea of a paranormal entity paying her a visit during her Halloween-themed episode.

"We're doing this ghost show … as we're talking to him [Hawes] about the paranormal, we hear these noises down the hall," she said. "Jason, come on. It's at least possible someone from the other world popped in to say, 'I'm listening.'"

Hawes replied, "Of course, but it's also possible that this thing got in through some open window."

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Kelly debuted her two-hour, daily podcast in September on SiriusXM's Triumph Channel. Ahead of the launch, the former NBC News correspondent opened up to PEOPLE about the freedom she has been granted with her latest project.

"My deal with Sirius is, I can talk about whatever I want. I touch third rails for a living, by design. I'm not built that way: to avoid these things," Kelly said at the time. "I want the fight. I enjoy discussion, fierce discussion, and debate. I can't imagine giving that up again."

Prior to the SiriusXM news, Kelly independently produced her podcast with her company, Devil May Care Media. She will retain ownership under the new deal by avoiding any "corporate overlords," allowing her to interview political, legal, and cultural figures of her choice.

"I'm one of the only journalists, as opposed to pundits, creating a big space in podcasting. And that's unusual. I'm putting in all the time I would for a TV show here. I don't just read Twitter. I have a team of fact checkers," she noted.