Meghan Trainor Strikes a Work-Life Balance on New Single ‘Don’t I Make It Look Easy’

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Today-Show - Credit: Lauren Dunn
Today-Show - Credit: Lauren Dunn

Meghan Trainor has crafted a clever ode to her work-life balance with her new song “Don’t I Make It Look Easy,” the latest single from her upcoming album Takin’ It Back.

“When I started recording the album I was learning how to be a working mom,” Trainor said in a statement.

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“I very literally had my hands full with formula and toys, while also being in the studio writing and recording. I realized from the outside looking in I made this all look easy. Similar to how we only post the good moments on our social media, I thought, ‘Isn’t it silly that moms are supposed to have it all together?’ My intention with this song is to let everyone out there know that even though they might be feeling overwhelmed, they’re doing a great job.”

After all promotion for her 2020 LP Treat Myself was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Trainor welcomed her first child and soon went to work on her upcoming album Takin’ It Back, due out Oct. 21.

“I feel like my songwriting is much better since I had a C-section,” Trainor told Rolling Stone in June, adding of her new LP. “It’s like Title 2.0. It’s my old school. It’s true to myself in all the weird genres that I go to, but also modern with my doo-wop in there.”

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