Meghan McCain defends Sean Spicer's 'Dancing With the Stars' turn: 'He's got kids to put through college'

Meghan McCain stood up for fellow conservative Sean Spicer on Wednesday’s broadcast of The View, but it wasn’t about politics or policy — it was about dancing.

Spicer made his debut earlier this week on the reality competition show Dancing with the Stars. The former White House communications director was mocked by Democrats and Republicans alike for both his participation in general and for his lime green costume.

McCain defended Spicer, saying, “He’s got kids to put through college. He’s gotta pay his bills one way or the other, and if you’ve gotta dance in a lime green shirt entertaining me when I have nothing else to do at night then I’m not that mad at it.”

Fellow panelist Abby Huntsman also took issue with people who have criticized Spicer for appearing on Dancing with the Stars. “Ultimately we’re all human. No one wants to be mocked or made fun of,” said Huntsman.

Sunny Hostin didn’t agree, and fired back at Huntsman’s comments. “Then he shouldn’t have lied to the American people repeatedly,” she said. “You have got to think about what he did. He lied about the inauguration crowd, he defended Trump’s lie about how there were 3 million fraudulent votes in the 2016 election. The list goes on and on and on,” she added.

Viewers on Twitter were also split over Spicer’s new role as a Dancing with the Stars competitor. Many sided with McCain and said Hostin should give Spicer a break:

Others agreed that we shouldn’t be dancing around Spicer’s past actions:

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