Meghan McCain accuses 'View' co-hosts of attempting to 'broad-stroke' Republicans as racist

Things got heated at the View on Tuesday when the hosts discussed whether Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, should step down following his recent comments about white supremacy in the New York Times. The segment ended with Meghan McCain slamming her hand down on the table and the network going to commercial break.

McCain took issue when the conversation about King, the GOP and race turned to President Trump’s proposed border wall. Sunny Hostin began to ponder the question posed by Abby Huntsman: “There’s 42 percent of the country that support the wall. Are they all racist?” That’s when McCain jumped in to address what she called “identity politics” in the country.

“When you broad-stroke everyone — all black people think one thing, all Hispanic people think one thing, all Republicans think one thing, that’s how we got ourselves into this mess,” she said.

McCain went on to say that she wanted to focus on King instead of Trump and the border wall but wanted to hammer home one point about the president.

I think I have made myself quite clear how I feel about President Trump, how I feel about the America that was always great before he came to it. I think I have made myself explicitly clear on this show and other places, so please don’t paint me, just because I’m for border security, that I’m somehow a racist in one way or another. Because I don’t think that’s fair.”

McCain, who is against the wall but for “strong border security,” said she wants the show to stay away from trying “broad-stroke everyone” and tried to steer the conversation back toward King’s specific comments about race.

But when Joy Behar told McCain to “check the platform, not the person,” the intensity ramped up.

“I am John McCain’s daughter!” McCain said while slamming her hand down on the table. “I am not someone who sits here and is OK with racism in any way whatsoever.”

Behar was quick to respond: “And I’m Gino Occhiuto’s daughter, and I say — he’s a racist!”

Whoopi Goldberg had the final word, though: “And I’m Whoopi Goldberg, and we’ll be right back.”

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