Is Meghan Markle's Podcast Archetypes Returning for a Second Season?

Meghan Markle's Archetypes podcast wrapped up its first season last week. The first twelve episodes featured guests like Serena Williams, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, Mindy Kaling, Andy Cohen, and more, and over the course of the show's first chapter, the Duchess of Sussex opened up about her life in California with Prince Harry and their children.

It is not the end of Archetypes, however. At the close of last week's episode, "We're working on other ways to keep the conversation going," Meghan shared,"but just know that as we close out this season of Archetypes, that I thank you. Thank you for listening and learning with me. This has been liberating and healing and it's been fun."

The Duchess of Sussex concluded, "Many moons ago, I heard a quote that I will share with you today, because as we talk about labels and tropes, boxes some may try to squeeze you into, and roles and stereotypes that are attributed to you that don't quite fit the full person that you are… this is what I wanted to leave you with. It's from a couplet within a piece of writing by Greek poet Christianopoulos. And he says, 'what didn't you do to bury me / but you forgot, that I was a seed.' To that point, my friend. Keep growing and I'll see on the flip side. As ever, I'm Meghan."

There's no word on when a second season could premiere, but we'll update this as soon as we learn more.

Listen to all twelve episodes of Archetypes on Spotify now.

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